Hollywood Dogwalker

Hollywood In Real Life

From near and far, starstruck tourists descend in droves upon Tinseltown hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of someone, anyone, famous; only tourists aren’t very

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Have you ever pulled shit out of a dog’s ass? Have you ever witnessed a beagle rabidly consume a dead pigeon feathers and all, too

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The Merciful Lie of I’ll Call You

This piece of mine was originally published in The Los Angeles Times under Victoria Carlson. “I’ll call you.” Three little words uttered at the

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Staying In

So, I just read about this new hidden cocktail bar on Facebook located somewhere around 6th and LaBrea. Ultra Don Draper cool and retro, with

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I Believe Doctor Ford

I Believe Doctor Ford (Originally posted on Facebook Sept. 29, 2018) Like pretty much everyone on Thursday, September 27th, I was absolutely riveted by the

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I am a second generation Mexican-American on my father’s side, and a third generation Polish-American on my mother’s. I never considered my ethnicity when I

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