To Impeach Or Not To Impeach?

Every morning, I have my coffee and check my social media, hoping that Donald Trump is finally brought to his knees by Mueller, the Southern District of New York, or one of the Congressional committees investigating everything from collusion with Russia, his possible inaugural shenanigans, obstruction, and a whole host of other possible illegal activities, thereby clearing the way for impeachment. Or perhaps I’ll awake to my Twitter feed inundated with the news that some fearless Congress person finally had the courage to get the ball rolling on invoking the 25th amendment. I mean, wasn’t Trump’s rambling CPAC speech indicative of a man mentally unhinged? Haven’t you seen his unnaturally dilated pupils? Covfefe.

Most days, however, I’m sorely disappointed. The Mueller investigation has been pretty quiet and uneventful of late. Plus, this type of investigation could take years, and Mueller seems like the kinda guy who is detailed oriented and painstakingly patient, which is a good thing, though, because there is no room for half-assing an investigation of this magnitude, especially if it involves the president. Plus, Mueller is supposed to be impartial; his job is gathering evidence and building a case and indicting as necessary. Quite possibly, Mueller’s investigation may not be the denouement we resisters have been hoping for.

Despite evidence of hush payments, the whole Russia Trump Tower thing, a rogue son-in-law with questionable security clearance, the unreliable Cohen testimony, photos of Trump with massage parlor founder, Cindy Yang, yada yada yada, there’s really been no tangible smoking gun directly linking the president to much of anything thus far. What we’ve got is more like how you know for sure your boyfriend ate all the Tagalongs. The box in the pantry is empty, yet he totally denies eating them even though there’s chocolate smeared on his shirt and his breath smells like peanut butter. You have all these indicators that he’s lying, nevertheless, he insists he didn’t do it. So frustrating.

So, we’ve got all these indicators pointing to Trump’s unethical, illegal, and unconstitutional misdeeds, but nothing substantial enough to pin on him… yet. Nevertheless, Representative Rashida Tlaib plans to file an impeachment resolution against Trump before the end of the month. Look, I know there are millions of folks out there who want that bloviated lard ass Trump out of office, and believe me, I’m one of them, only I’m not so sure anymore if impeachment is the appropriate action to take at this point. Now, before you go full AOC on me, hear me out.

Presently, we’ve got extra boots on the ground with our democratic house majority. The question is: what do we want to achieve while we have the majority?

Do we really only want the House to focus on impeachment? All this chomping at the bit for impeachment could potentially backfire. Is it worth the risk? Is it really worth losing the majority? Shouldn’t we maybe allow our newly elected representatives the space to make good on their promises to their constituents, who are probably also concerned with matters other than impeachment, like health care, sensible gun and immigration reform, etc.?

Look, if undeniable evidence comes to light linking Trump to anything that would constitute an impeachable offense, then by all means, impeach. In the meantime, perhaps it’s best we exercise patience and restraint like Robert Mueller. Let him and the SDNY and other investigative bodies do their job and let’s let our reps get down to the business of changing policy and enacting legislation and serving their constituents.

We’ve only got two years. Let’s use them wisely. Let’s concentrate on putting forth the most formidable Democratic presidential candidate possible; someone with the best chance of beating Trump. I don’t know about you, but having Trump voted out of office by the American people feels so much more gratifying and powerful than having an elected body oust him. Let the people fire Donald Trump.

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  1. Great points Vic. You’re writing’s getting really good. Who’s your editor? (jk) Keep it up, I want to read more.

    Jim Carlile
    (I live in New York City now btw. Say hello to Carla for me.)

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