Hollywood In Real Life

From near and far, starstruck tourists descend in droves upon Tinseltown hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of someone, anyone, famous; only tourists aren’t very likely to sight an A-list celebrity along Hollywood Boulevard or the Sunset Strip unless there’s a special event, because the truth is, the rich and famous tend to stay away from the frenetic fray of tourists and wannabes.

Sadly, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood wore off long ago. All those wide angled, fast moving crane shots and cleverly edited movie montages are nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The grandeur of the legendary Chinese Theater has since been dwarfed by the gaudy monolithic Hollywood and Highland complex and TCL multiplex. The Pacific Theater is a shuttered vestige of the past and a bevy of stars on the Walk of Fame are in serious disrepair. Litter abounds and the scent of urine can be overwhelming. It’s rather unpleasant.

The gaudy monolith.

I’d avoid Hollywood altogether, but I happen to walk a dog who belongs to one of the entertainment industry’s hottest behind the camera couples and their production company is located in the heart of Hollywood, so when Slim is at the office, off to Hollywood I go.

Me and Slim outside the production office.

I can tell you this, walking in Hollywood is never dull, that’s for darn sure. It’s a people watcher’s dream come true and fascinating fodder for my smartphone’s camera, which I employ often whenever I’m out walking Slim.

Some stuff I’ve captured during my many Hollywood photo safaris:

A warning, perhaps, concerning the dangers of texting whilst crossing the street?
One of the many unoccupied buildings. This was once a department store.
Pacific Theater
Pacific Theater
Cahuenga Boulevard. Would you use this ATM?
Empty lot with a view.
In need of repair.
One of many, many parking lots.
Burned out on Hudson.
Pretty sure that ain’t water in those bottles.
Fun fact.
They need to add scooters to that sign on Vine.
Boarded up bar.
Pretty little litter.

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  1. Names! Names! We want names for those celebrity owners!

    I saw 2001 at the Pacific in 1968. In Cinerama! It was called the Warner Cinerama back then. Kubrick had previewed his movie to MGM brass there just a couple of days before. It was the first time he’d seen it in Cinerama. He finished cutting the film at MGM in Culver City– he had travelled from England to do so. His last time in America.

    This theater was later being used for technical/industry/digital stuff. It’s incredible inside, so much so that no one knows what to do with it now. No one wants to tear it down.

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