Photo Essay: Observations of A Dog Walker

From Hollywood to Beverly Hills and back to the Valley, here are some things I encountered during my April Fools dog walking day.

The latest in Hollywood Hills home security.
You know someone, somewhere, is pissed off this manhole cover was outsourced. 
Beachwood Canyon Bee Colony.
A rose by any other name…
Under construction.
Still celebrating.
The glory of spring in full view at Holmby Park.
Baby pine cones!
Lovers. Berry Drive, Studio City.
Magnificence. Berry Drive, Studio City.
Holiday discards still waiting for pick up. It’s April. Cahuenga Boulevard, Toluca Lake.
A little inspiration. Clark Street, Burbank.
Gossip gathering. Colfax Charter Elementary Farm, Valley Village.
What you looking at? Colfax Farm, Valley Village.
Late afternoon repast. Colfax Farm, Valley Village.

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